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Embracing the miracle of birth, guiding you through every stage, from pre-conception into Motherhood.

As a Freebirth Doula, I advocate an empowering approach to conception, pregnancy, labour and birth, and for a gentle and nurturing transition into motherhood. Freebirth is about taking charge of your own birthing journey, choosing to embrace the full responsibility and beauty of your experience, without medical intervention. I have been supporting birthing women and their families for over 20 years and bring with me a wealth of knowledge, valuable tools, tips, and holistic therapies to nourish your pregnancy, and help you to fully prepare for labour and birth. Additionally, I offer placenta remedies and Mother Warming healing for those precious first weeks and months of motherhood.

As women, nurturing a connection with and understanding our bodies, empowers us to lead more balanced, nourished lives. This connection brings a sense of ease in embracing each day, allowing the natural flow of life to unfold.

My focus is on supporting women through Women’s Abdominal Massage and Yoni Steaming, aiding in the release of trauma held within the womb space. These therapies also target various reproductive and digestive system concerns, including but not limited to, heavy, painful, or irregular periods, fertility challenges, fibroids, PCOS, Endometriosis, prolapse, IBS, and other digestive issues.

Read articles and watch videos about natural birth and women’s health. 

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Hi, I’m Ruth, and I’m a Women’s health practitioner, Free birth doula, founder of The Red Shed and The Meeting Womb C.I.C. 

Underpinning everything I do is my absolute belief that women are amazing and deserve better.


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