The Enema Virgin

    I’ve always thought of my arse as a one way street, and that direction was down and out. Food goes in the top, works its way through the body, takes what it needs and the left overs come out the bottom end. This philosophy has, by and large, served me well, but as … Read more

Self Care for Busy Women

We know that we should do it, but finding the time is quite another matter. In my quest to do my self care, I have come up with a few things that are easy to do and will make the world of difference. Its not about making big changes, its about the little details, the … Read more

North East Placenta Encapsulation Pills

Meet the Mothers who eat their placentas.

Ever thought about eating your placenta? Anna Maxted writes, for the Telegraph, about the growing popularity of placentophagy, and its many benefits to new mums. Visit new parents in 2014, and you may well find a placenta chilling in the fridge, next to the champagne. Strange as it may sound, this is not a rare … Read more

reclaiming the placenta

Placenta Benefits

The placenta is a wonderful thing! In this article, Becky Dickinson explores some of the ways to use your placenta as a medicine for healing your body after birth and looks at how it is seen in different cultures around the world.