Do you know how amazing your womb is?

Did you know how amazing your womb is?

Did you know a non-pregnant, non-bleeding uterus is about the size of a pear and weighs about 4 ounces (110gr). Over the month, the uterus will grow, and at the time of menstruation, she will be the size of a grapefruit and weigh around 8 ounces (225gr)

Thats DOUBLE the size and weight… Is it any wonder that we can feel heavy as our bleed approaches.

During pregnancy, the uterus can reach a weight of 1 kilo, and that’s just the uterus, not including the baby!

The uterus is held in place by fascia,muscles and 6 sets of ligaments: 2 broad ligaments, 2 round ligaments, 2 utero-sacral ligaments, 2 cardinal ligaments, 2 suspensory ligaments and 2 ovarian ligaments.

These ligaments need to stretch and contract to accommodate the changing size of the uterus. If these ligaments are over stretched or over contracted they will pull the uterus out of balance. A womb that has wandered will start to cause problems such as irregular bleeding, fertility issues, or constipation, along with a whole host of other potential problems.

There are many things that cause a womb to wander, or tilt. These can include; high impact exercise, wearing high heal shoes, injuries to the sacrum or coccyx, difficult births, carrying children on one hip, walking barefoot on cold floors, emotional response to trauma, lifestyle choices… the list goes on!

The Womb likes to be the centre of attention, she likes it best when she is centred and so all things can flow around her. To help her be her best, she needs care and attention. She needs love and warmth. She needs blood circulating and nourishing her ligaments and muscles. Massage, and in particular Mizan massage, will bring the blood directly to the pelvic area, and with the blood comes the nourishment, and the nourishment feeds the ligaments and muscles and being tuned for homeostasis the bodies natural state of balance, the muscles and ligaments,  will bring the uterus back into her balance.

The womb is basically a muscle, as at fully term pregnancy, its the biggest muscle in your body. Like all muscles, wombs work best when they have a good blood supply circulating around them. When a muscle is starved of oxygen rich blood, it cramps and cramps are painful. The other reason why I mention this, is because the womb is in a constantly contracting in the follicular phase of your cycle. This video shows exactly how the uterus behaves during her cycle: What Does the Uterus do all Day?

And that, my friend, is pretty amazing!


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