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Women’s Abdominal Massage for Pregnancy is a wonderful massage treatment, supporting you to deeply connect with your changing body and growing baby. 

Every birth is unique and special, and as a birthing mother, you deserve full and consistent care and support throughout your pregnancy and birth.

Sacred Wrapping (“closing the bones”) ceremony, Placenta encapsulation and more to help you in your journey after birth. 


Conscious conception is a wonderful opportunity to deeply connect to the process and fully prepare yourself for the journey into parenthood. 

Taking a holistic health approach to fertility enhancement significantly enhances egg and sperm fertility and nourishes the womb and the supporting ligaments and muscles. 

Did you know it takes around three months for both the egg and sperm to fully mature and be ready for fertilisation?

It’s not about rushing; it’s about embracing this window of time to optimise your reproductive health and prepare for taking the leap into parenthood.

The approach I offer is centred around this three-month period, focusing on holistic methods to enhance fertility. Techniques such as Women’s Abdominal Massage (WAM), yoni steaming, and utilising castor oil packs, Plus, looking at mindful adjustments to diet and lifestyle are all part of this nurturing approach to reproductive health.


Book a Fertility Massage with Ruth

2 hour appointment with abdominal massage and self care package costs £70

Doula Services

Pregnancy Massage North East

Women’s Abdominal Massage for Pregnancy is a wonderful massage treatment, supporting you to deeply connect with your changing body and growing baby. 

Pregnancy can really take its toll on our bodies and many women will experience unpleasant symptoms such as morning sickness, pelvic girdle pain, shortness of breath, constipation, haemorrhoids and varicose veins. 

Women’s Abdominal Massage can bring relief to all these, as well as increasing circulation and blood flow to the womb and the placenta. The massage will tone the uterus muscle, which will support effective contractions during the birth and support the placenta to carry essential nutrients to your growing baby. 

The extra blood flow in the pelvis strengthens the ligaments and muscles supporting the womb, bringing balance, alignment and optimising foetal positioning. 


Book a Pregnancy Massage with Ruth

2 hour appointment with massage plus self massage tuition costs £70

Freebirth Doula for the North East

Why choose Freebirth?

FREE to Birth, 
FREE to choose,
FREE to move, to dance, to laugh, cry or shout.

FREE to be tribal and primitive,
FREE to be intuitive, to be in-tune,
FREE to be present.

FREE to sit naked by the fire with your lover,
FREE to be vulnerable,
FREE to be in the dark.

FREE to eat and drink,
FREE to roam from room to room,
FREE to get into the pool, and get out of the pool, and if I feel like it, to get back in again!

FREE from strange sounds and smells,
FREE from unknown faces,
FREE from unwanted opinions.

FREE to trust
FREE to be loved,
FREE to love.


Birth is a Rite of Passage

Traditionally, the role of a doula would have been filled by the birthing woman’s mother, grandmother, sister, aunt or neighbour. Her role is one of practical, emotional and spiritual support during the pregnancy and birth. A doula is also an invaluable support for the birth partner, freeing them up to focus on giving the mother the loving care and attention that both she and the baby need. 

When a woman is calm, relaxed, and well supported during her pregnancy and birth, her body will release its own natural pain killers in the form of endorphins and oxytocin (the love hormone essential for effective contractions), allowing her body to soften and open to birth the baby.

However, when a woman is interrupted, with such things as excessive monitoring or different people coming and going in the room, as is the case in hospital births and home births with NHS midwives in attendance, or if she and/or her partner are fearful or anxious, her body then releases adrenaline. Adrenaline and Oxytocin are polar opposites and work against each other. A high adrenaline / low oxytocin birth is more painful and labour is slower. A doula’s reassuring presence will help maintain her oxytocin levels and reduce the amount of adrenaline, and so creating a more effective and safer birthing space.

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What my clients say

“A beautiful soul and amazingly talented lady in anything she chooses to turn her hand to. She is a wealth of information and was the perfect person to support me in my pregnancy, labour, birth and beyond with my daughter 4 years ago.”


My experiences as a doula

I work as a “free birth” doula, sometimes referred to as a “Spiritual Midwife”. This means that I support families who are looking to birth outside of NHS provision. I made the choice to return to my birthing roots, and work in ways that I learnt from my time out in Spain in the traveller and low impact living communities, after witnessing too many women birthing within the current NHS system being coerced into unnecessary medical births, and then having to live with the trauma of what happened to them.

“The maternity system is not broken. The mainstream maternity system evolved to sustain medicine and control women’s reproduction. It was never set up to promote physiology or to facilitate an empowering experience of childbirth.”  Dr Rachel Reed

With over 20 years of experience supporting women in their childbearing years, I have observed that the best births are those where the mother is left to birth in a way that feels right and natural to her. 

Birth is a private affair, and oxytocin, the hormone essential for good labour, is a shy hormone, it does not like to be disturbed, it likes peace and quiet, and most importantly, it likes to feel safe. 

As your doula, I bring many gifts that I share with you and your partner to bolster your confidence and deepen the bond to yourself, each other and your baby, and to promote physical well being. During your pregnancy, we spend time together preparing for birth by understanding the anatomy of the body and the science of birth, as well as working with breathing techniques and massage to bring you connection with your body and nurture intuition, so that you feel guided and safe in your decisions. I firmly believe that when a woman is supported to listen deeply to her inner knowing, she will always make the choice that is right for her. 

Birth is a rite of passage, it is the foundation stones of parenthood and when parents are lovingly supported to be present and trust in the process, it is a transformational and empowering experience.

Talk to me about being your doula

I offer a Holistic birth doula service, where you will be guided and supported on your journey into motherhood.

💚 Regular meetups during your pregnancy, to develop a trusting relationship, practice breathing techniques and discuss your feelings and concerns in a way that connects you with your intuition

💚 Women’s Abdominal Massages during your pregnancy and postnatal period. Alongside this, I will teach you a self care massage for you and/ or your partner to do so you may continue to receive the benefits of WAM and deepen your connection with your baby

💚 4 week on-call period 

💚 Continuity of care and support throughout your labour, birth and the first few precious hours of parenthood

💚 Breastfeeding support during those essential first few days and weeks

💚 Placenta care – I can advise on and make a full range of remedies for your postnatal health and well being from your placenta, or support your lotus birth

💚 Mother warming post natal care for 4 weeks post birth.

💚 Birth reflections, space to reflect on your birth and how it was for you and your partner

Cost: £3000

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What my clients say

“Ruth was a doula for my 4th baby and I highly recommend her birth services. She carries with her profound experience and calling to this work. 

She went above and beyond in our time together – including Women’s Abdominal massage through pregnancy that was one of the few things that alleviated my morning sickness. 

I knew that I wanted a free birth for this baby, and Ruth supported my very particular wishes in this 100%. 

After the birth, her postpartum support was tailored to my specific needs as a single mother.”


Sacred Wrapping (“closing the bones”) ceremony

Sacred Wrapping is a healing ceremony. It is traditionally used as part of nurturing the mother after birthing her baby, to end the journey of pregnancy and mark the beginning of her life as a mother. The premise of closing one part of life to begin another means it can be a good transition for any major life events such as a miscarriage, a relationship breakdown, death of a loved one, recovery from illness, or menopause.

Most healing traditions have a ceremony for wrapping the new mother. Many people have heard of the Ecuadorian ceremony Closing the Bones, but similar practices are common in Morocco, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Japan. There are many ways of wrapping the mother as part of the nurturing she needs.

During pregnancy and birth, a woman’s body is opened, both physically and spiritually. Her ribs and hips are widened by the growing baby, during birth her body and spirit has been stretched to its limits. Pregnancy and birth can be an intensely vulnerable time for women. Sacred Wrapping helps to bring closure and allow the mother to integrate the passage into her new chapter, to bring her back to herself and her new way of being.

Sacred Wrapping will be tailored to the individual needs of each woman; each experience of pregnancy and birth is different, so it’s essential that the ceremony is flexible to enable each woman to receive the healing and nurturing that she needs. 

This is a specially designed treatment to help guide your uterus and internal abdominal organs back into balance. Typically there is space for you to talk about your reasons for coming and what intentions you have for the ceremony, a yoni steaming with a bespoke blend of herbs, a full 90 minute WAM treatment before a total wrapping from head to toe to rebozo shawls; you remain wrapped up in your cocoon until you feel you are ready to emerge. It can be a profound experience, a closing of one season and opening to the next  – very much like a rebirth.

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What my clients say

As part of my healing journey, I had the absolute honour of receiving the most incredible and powerful sacred wrapping ceremony, with yoni steam and womb massage, with Ruth in The Red Shed.

From the moment I entered her sacred space, I felt like I was within the cosmic womb of the Great Mother. The energy within that space can only be described as heaven on earth making you feel like you have no choice but to surrender all to her loving hands as she grounds you and pulls you inwards, to meet yourself at your deepest level. 

I will be forever grateful to have crossed paths with this amazing medicine woman, even though my initial contact with her was for her to support me as a doula, I was so glad that she has supported me at the end of this short journey. 

Sisters… I would highly recommend you give yourself & your womb some tlc and pay her a visit ❤️


Book a Sacred Wapping ceremony

4 hour treatment, with yoni steam, abdominal massage, and wrapping £170

North East Placenta Encapsulation Pills

Placenta Encapsulation North East

Placenta Encapsulation is growing more and more popular as women are discovering its amazing ability to heal, sustain, and strengthen your body during your post natal period.

Your placenta has given your baby all it needs to grow strong and healthy while in your womb, so why not use your placenta to support your postnatal wellbeing too?

Placenta Encapsulation pills are used to help:

Balance your hormones and avoid the ‘baby blues’,

enhance milk supply,

increase your energy,

support you to recover more quickly from birth,

bring the body back into balance,

shorten postnatal bleeding,

assist the uterus to return to size,

increase postnatal iron levels.

I have been a North East Placenta Encapsulation Specialist for a number of years and have been working with women in their childbearing year since 2001 and over this time I have witnessed the amazing benefits of consuming placenta for postpartum healing.

The first time I encountered the healing power of the placenta was with a woman in rural Spain, who had given birth to twins and was bleeding heavily. We were a long drive from the hospital and western medicine. We tried many things to stop her bleeding including feeding her iron rich foods, and drinking her own blood, but none of it was working and so I gave her some of her placenta to eat and within 10 minutes her bleeding had stemmed and the colour had returned to her cheeks. I know that this is only one case, but the speed and efficiency in which the placenta worked has convinced me of its power to heal.


Enquire now about Placenta Encapsulation

My charge for placenta encapsulation is £175 (plus mileage if collection is more than 20 miles outside of NE17) and is payable before week 37 of your pregnancy. Get in touch to ask me all the questions you may have about the process and benefits of placenta encapsulation.

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