Placenta Encapsulation

Placenta Encapsulation is growing more and more popular as women are discovering its amazing ability to heal, sustain, and strengthen your body during your post natal period.

Your placenta has given your baby all it needs to grow strong and healthy while in your womb, so why not use your placenta to support your postnatal well being too?

Placenta Encapsulation pills are used to help:

  • Balance your hormones and prevent the ‘baby blues’,
  • enhance milk supply,
  • increase your energy,
  • support you to recover more quickly from birth,
  • bring the body back into balance,
  • shorten postnatal bleeding,
  • assist the uterus to return to size,
  • increase postnatal iron levels.
North East Placenta Encapsulation Pills

The placenta is full of stress busting love hormones so it helps prevent post natal depression. Its also jammed pack with iron, vitamin E, stem cells and growth factors which are all essential for your body’s speedy recovery and so women find they have more energy, less post natal bleeding and improved milk supply.

And best of all it has been made by your body and so it is perfectly designed by nature, just for you, so it makes sense to safely welcome it back into your system during your post natal period via encapsulation or smoothie to help have a Happy Babymoon.

North East Placenta Encapsulation Specialist

I have been a North East Placenta Encapsulation Specialist for a number of years and have been working with women in their childbearing child for around 15 years, and over this time I have witnessed the amazing benefits of consuming placenta for post birth healing.

The first time I encountered the healing power of the placenta was with a woman in rural Spain, who had given birth to twins and was bleeding heavily. We were a long drive from the hospital and western medicine. We tried many things to stop her bleeding and as a last resort, I gave her some of her placenta to eat and within 10 minutes her bleeding had stemmed and the colour had returned to her cheeks. I know that this is only one case, but the speed and efficiency in which the placenta worked has me convinced of its power to heal.

I have been a member of IPEN since 2013, and as such, I work with a detailed food safety management system which aims to produce the highest quality product possible.

What will you need to do?

Firstly you will need to request and complete an intake form. You will also need a cool bag with at least 6 ice packs and a clean tupperware in which to place the placenta after the birth, ready for collection. I will collect your placenta from your place of birth, whether it be home or hospital. From there I will take the placenta home, where I have a designated area in my utility room which is for the sole purpose of placenta encapsulation which is kept hygienically clean at all times and has been inspected by the EHO. It is then dried, ground and put it into vegan cellulose capsules. You can choose from either simple dried pills or steamed (TCM) pills. There are benefits to both and more information on the benefits can be found at the Placenta Remedies Network

The capsules will then be returned to you either via special delivery or personally by myself. The whole process takes around 2 to 3 days from birth to return of the capsules.

Encapsulation can happen when the placenta has been delivered naturally or via an injection, its a personal choice, and not one which adversely effects the quality of the pills.

With each and every placenta I encapsulate or make into a smoothie, I know that the mother will benefit. It's a bit of a winner, really!!!

What my clients say

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My charge for placenta encapsulation is £175 (plus milage if collection is more than 20 miles outside of NE17) and is payable before week 37 of your pregnancy.