The Red Shed

Welcome to The Red Shed, a sanctuary in the North east of England dedicated to Women's health and well being.


Meeting Women's needs through community.

The Red Shed first opened its doors to women in the Spring of 2019, and has been going from strength to strength ever since.  Located in the small village of Blackhall Mill, 7 miles south west of Newcastle upon Tyne, it makes for a wonderful retreat space.  The Red Shed is inspired by The Red Tent movement, and the need for a permanent space for women to gather and share their stories, to support one another and find peace.  The Red Shed has space to sit 6-8 women comfortably in a circle, and a wood powered sauna with space for up to 5 women.

“Beautiful, peaceful space with Ruth holding deep healing work for the women of our region. Absolutely authentic to its purpose and intention, safe and welcoming vibe.” Rebecca

We currently run several regular events each month at The Red Shed.  

The New Moon Women’s Circle

this is held on or around the time of new moon each month, and is a small gathering where we held space for each other to share from a space of truth what is important to us. This is a truly healing and transformational process.

Amber Girlz

This is our group for girls aged 8-12 and their female carers. The intention behind this group is for our young girls to embrace their changing bodies in a supportive environment so they may grow into the strong women of tomorrow this world needs. The group is led by the girls and what they are interested in. We often sit around chatting and making crafts, or go for foraging walks and make fires in the wood.

Perimenopause – What’s it all about?

A peer support group for menopausal and perimenopausal women, (and those wanting to know more and prepare themselves for what will come!) This is a time in a woman’s life that can bring much confusion and upheaval. We come together to talk about our experiences, share remedies and find empowerment.

Yoni Steaming ceremonies

This ancient tradition was lost and is now being reclaimed by women all over the world. read more about Yoni steaming here

All the events hosted by The Red Shed are paid for on a Pay What You Can (PWYC) basis. This means that the events you attend have already be paid for by the women who came before you, and that you pay into the pot for future events to happen, and that they are accessible to all women regardless of their financial situation. This is part of one of our foundational beliefs that when women support other women, amazing things can happen!

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The Red Shed is available for hire by women’s groups, therapists working with women, private parties or solo retreat days. Rates available on request.

“A beautiful and peaceful space, cozy and welcoming, with Ruth a calm and warm host. This is a perfect place to have some space, time and reflection, or come with friends and have a lovely, chilled time together.” Harriet