The Red Shed

The Red Shed is a sanctuary for women to come to gather and be with themselves and with other women. To share their stories of joy and of pain in a safe circle, to relax in the sauna, or to receive one of wonderful women centered treatments.

Build stronger bonds in community

The Red Shed has been a dream of mine for many years and has now been made manifest. As women, I believe, we need space from our day-to-day lives to rest and recuperate, to share and feel the support of sisterhood, enabling us to re-enter our lives with our batteries fully charged. In this modern age of technology, there seems to be a lack of community and of actual time spent in each other’s company, The Red Shed Is here to remedy that problem.

Each month The Red Shed hosts a new moon women’s circle, a full moon women’s ceremony, the Amber Girlz group for girls aged 8-12, regular sauna sessions and other women centred events and talks.

All events hosted by The Red Shed are priced on a pay what you can basis, this means that the event you attend has already been paid for by the attendees of the previous event and that you also have an opportunity to pay it forward, so another event can be hosted, and that finances are not a barrier to anyone wanting to join in the fun. All events will be posted below and on our Facebook page.